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Published: 06th April 2011
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HC shoes Network May 4 hearing sewage treatment facilities, Li River Road construction projects in 18 cities, bright scene; free and open to the public, "Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi" four square in Fujian and Jiangxi Forest Park, and full of tourists; great business Taiwan National Security breath style city, Hong Kong City triggered waves of tourists into the mountain city shopping desires ... ... Lichuan feel like being in the bustling city, the vitality of a glamorous new city is speeding up.

Recent years, Lichuan adhere to appropriate urban development strategy ahead for the development of industry, prosperity, service, transfer farmers carrier, center on the "modern livable city, the marginal regions of Jiangxi and Fujian Model City" position, in accordance with the "Mountain In the city, city in the forest, in view of the water through the city had "the concept of urban development, project construction as the support, rapid promotion of urban construction, financial investment of the government to enlarge the effective size and rapid growth of urban construction financing. Last year, the county efforts to implement key projects in 30 cities, has completed the terminal, city lighting, Old Town Street and Lane reconstruction, the new local loop, the emperor Fortune Plaza and other projects. Of these, 2 billion yuan investment in large-scale ecological comprehensive national security construction projects, have also launched the National Security business customs Street, five-star holiday Hotel The ecological park construction and a number of ecological projects, the largest urban construction highlights.

No workers are not rich, non-agricultural instability, no business does not live. Lichuan rely on neighboring Fujian geographical advantage, enlarge and strengthen the professional market, promote business prosperity and economic development of border trade. The county has introduced national security, the highest building, Prudential and other real estate companies to develop overseas security Waterfront Commercial Street, Crown Commercial Street building, Pao-an Street, King Fortune Plaza, a street peasant more than 10 feature boutique shopping street, the development more than 5,000 commercial store; improve urban and rural market development, market introduction of new area and the old market building renovation project, has built 18 rural and urban market, professional market of 10, forming a county, the surrounding radiation, a large market in Fujian and Jiangxi connections, aircraft circulation of industrial products and agricultural products from outside the province of the overpass. Currently, the county has more than 6000 households active in the border of individual and private household market, more than 300 types of traffic in each of trafficking in the Commonwealth of food, aquatic products, edible fungus, ceramic, bamboo products and other kinds of agricultural and industrial products worth 280 million yuan.

City to speed up development, industrial clustering and the role of county economy increasingly driven by radiation. Lichuan fully grasp and play to promote the effects caused by urban construction, to further expand the scale of the provincial base of the ceramic industry, and actively creating provincial Shoe Industry industrial base, led to the largest in East Industrial Park, woven production line settled for a strong impetus to the development of county economy. This year from January to March, the county realized revenue 113 million, fixed assets investment 269 million yuan, up 51.3% year on year respectively and 27%; the completion of the above-scale industrial added value of 217 million yuan, industrial parks main business income of 810 million yuan , respectively, year on year growth of 28.1% and 220%.

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